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SubjectRe: LANANA: To Pending Device Number Registrants (Linus Torvalds)  wrote on 15.05.01 in <>:

> just incredibly stupid today. There's a script for doing exactly this for
> SCSI. I forget what it's called, because I obviously think the thing is
> stupid, but giving people the power to do even silly things is what Linux
> is all about.

Are you maybe talking about scsidev? It can produce names like /dev/scsi/
sdh24-e000c0i12l0p1 (ugh). It can *also* create names like
/dev/scsi/QAt-p3 for "that's the third partition on the Quantum Atlas, I
shouldn't put important stuff there because Quantums like to break". (The
QAt part comes from a config file.)

The latter I've used for quite a while (until I found mount-by-UUID). The
former is unspeakably ugly.

MfG Kai
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