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SubjectRe: rwsem, gcc3 again
mirabilos wrote:
> Hi,
> I have got that patch with "movl %2,%%edx" and removing the tmp
> and still cannot compile with the same error message I posted yesterday.
> The problem seems to be that, with or without "inline", it seems to
> put a reference into main.o of arch/i386/boot/compressed.
> So I cannot test -ac9 :(
> If anyone could find a (final or at least until gcc is fixed temporarily)
> solution please please could either post or mail me?
> Please no Cc: as I am on the list.
> -mirabilos
> --


Petr Vandrovic's patch works for me.
$ cat /proc/version
Linux version 2.4.5-pre1 (tleete@mercury) (gcc version 3.0 20010423
(prerelease)) #6 Tue May 15 07:13:10 EDT 2001
You don't mention the constraint changes, did you apply them too?

I posted a simpler patch which miscompiled on gcc3 and 2.95.3. Still trying
to understand why, it was Obviously Correct. It was also the cause of my
boot hangs.


The Daemons lurk and are dumb. -- Emerson
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