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SubjectRe: Device Numbers, LILO

mirabilos wrote:

> >That's not the issue. LILO takes whatever you pass to root= and converts
> >it to a device number at /sbin/lilo time. An idiotic practice on the
> >part of LILO, in my opinion, that ought to have been fixed a long time
> >ago.
> That's why you have to use append="root=blah" for devfs :)

I don't really think you have to. With 'lba32'
enabled (maybe also without that ... ) and just using lilo
normally it works with devfs.


ps: lilo.conf:

image = /boot/244nospeak
root = /dev/root
label = nospeak
append = "LOC=HOME"

flapp:~/bootdisk # lilo -V
LILO version 21.6

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