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Subject[RFC] proc fs extension for "one-value-per-file"
The following patch extends the proc fs api as discussed in the thread "/proc 
format" last month (

It adds the following features:
- dynamic directories. Enables you to use directories for enumerations,
similar to the per-process directories (/proc/<number>) or usbdevfs.
- context callbacks for directories. They can do things that are common for
all files in a directory, like locking, and are also used for dynamic
- special functions with context support for proc files that containing short
strings, integers or enums

These things give the proc filesystem the functionality that I need for the
Device Registry patch to replace the XML output with the one-value-per-file
approach. The api is documented in fs/proc/onevalue.c.

You can download the patch for 2.4.4 here (40 kB):


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