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SubjectRe: NETDEV_CHANGE events when __LINK_STATE_NOCARRIER is modified

> Jeff has introduced `alloc_etherdev()' which allocates storage
> for a netdev but doesn't register it. The one quirk with this
> approach (and why it's vastly simpler than my thing)

I do not see where it is simpler. The only difference is that
name is unknown. 8)

> Not many drivers have been converted to the new interface yet.

Paaardon! It is the only place where it takes sense to tell: "simpler"
and it was sense of your patch! Of course, it is much "simpler" to leave
all the devices in buggy state, no doubts. 8)

What's about dev_probe_lock, I again do not understand why it is not deleted.
Please, shed some light.

> is a bit foggy. ISTR that the init() method was inherently
> immune to this race.

8) Imagine, I believed that all the devices use this method for years.
The discovery that init_etherdev does some shit was real catharsis. 8)

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