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SubjectRe: PATCH: Enable IP PNP for 2.4.4-ac8
David Woodhouse <> writes:

> said:
> > Since you have to set the command line anyway ip=dhcp is no extra
> > burden and it lets you use the same kernel to boot of the harddrive
> > etc.
> You don't have to set the command line anyway. At least you _didn't_.

There wasn't even DHCP support before so yes you did. As you can't
get the nfs mount point from bootp.

> said:
> > I boot diskless all of time and supporting a ramdisk is trivial. You
> > just a have a program that slaps a kernel a ramdisk, and some command
> > line arguments into a single image, along with a touch of adapter code
> > to set the kernel parameters correctly and then boot that.
> It's a PITA. Downloading a kernel by TFTP each time you make a one-line
> change is painful enough, without having to download a ramdisk to go with
> it.

Unless you have a slow network, it isn't bad. I routinely download a 3MB
kerenl+RAMDISK image in under a second. And that ramdisk is virtually
without size optimization. It has glibc and a whole host of user
space tools. I have gotten it down much smaller.

> And once those kernels are being built with CONFIG_BLK_DEV=n, the ramdisk
> is going to be an even more unattractive solution.

Well I think in the CONFIG_BLK_DEV=n case it might wind up being a
ramfs or tmpfs image. Something like a simplified version of tar.

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