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SubjectRe: 3c900 card and kernel 2.4.3 <
Andrew Morton wrote:
> Juri Haberland wrote:
>> Do you use 10Base2 (aka cheaper net)?
>> I do and after upgrading to 2.4.3 (I think) I had to force the driver to
>> use the BNC connector though the card was configured (via the little config
>> program supplied by 3com) to always use the BNC connector...
>> This way I lost several hours to figure out why it wasn't working anymore and
>> to discover that I have to build it as a module instead of having it compiled
>> into the kernel because I couldn't make it work with kernel options - only
>> with driver options...
>> Any suggestions?
> Yes, sorry.
> The problem with earlier kernels was that autoselection
> would notice the lack of 10baseT link beat and would then
> advance on to trying AUI/SQE/10base2/etc. None of these
> interfaces allow the driver to know if there's anything
> connected and the driver consequently gets stuck on that
> interface. The net effect: if you unplug the 10baseT
> the driver gets stuck and you have to reboot.
> So autoselection was turned off if the NIC was found
> to have autonegotiation hardware. If you want to use
> the other interfaces, you have to provide an option,
> as described in Documentation/networking/vortex.txt.

Actually I would expect the driver to use the default setting from
the EEPROM as it did before (or at least it seemed to me like that).

> For non-modular drivers things are less easy. If you
> want to force it to use 10baseT (if_port zero) then
> it should work OK if you cheat and use mem_start=0x400.
> So `ether=0,0,0x400'.
> For BNC, it should work just fine with `ether=0,0,1'.

According to vortex.txt it should be `ether=0,0,3'. I think I tried
that, but will do so again this evening.

> If it doesn't, please shout at me. Compile the
> driver with `static int vortex_debug = 7;' at line
> 183 and send me the boot logs.

Thanks for answering,


Juri Haberland <>

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