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SubjectRe: Minor numbers
Alan Cox wrote:
> > 255. Has this limitation been some how addressed with 2.4? 256 devices
> > per module, sometimes is not enough, especially if you are in the SAN
> > environment; or when the 256 minors numbers are broken down to several
> 2.4 is using 16bit dev_t in kernel still. Application space sees a much
> larger dev_t so we can make the move in 2.5 very easily
> > work-around or is proposing a solution? I believe that minor and major
> > numbers for SUN and AIX are both 16 bits each (32 bits dev_t).
> 20:12 is more common

Which is major, which is minor?

I have one (private) driver that requires around 5000 minors.
(currently through some 20 majors) (Currently only just over half of
these are physically installed....)


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