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SubjectRe: IPv6: the same address can be added multiple times
Date said:
> There is this growing (think growing as in "fungus") set of thinking
> that just because something can be misused, this is an argument
> against it even existing.

> I think this is wrong. I'm seeing it a lot, especially on this list,
> and it's becomming a real concern at least to me.

The removal of the perfectly sane get_module_symbol() and replacement with
a less useful function which looks stuff up in a dynamic table instead of a
static table built at link time is an example of this. Now I have horrible
link order dependencies in code which was previously relatively clean. It
sucks, and there was absolutely no reason for it.

The fact that it was done so late in 2.4-test without even a period of
marking the original sane version as deprecated made it even worse.

Thinks... if I violently abuse inter_module_crap() will it suffer the same
fate and can I replace it with get_module_symbol() again? :)


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