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SubjectRe: LANANA: To Pending Device Number Registrants
> >     323
> > Also hdparm
> > raidtools
> > psmisc
> > mtools
> > mt-st
> > gpm
> > joystick
> so we now have a list of stuff that needs to be fixed 8)
> or at least, a cross section sampling of stuff to design a new API for.

Yes. Most of it actually uses the major stuff to answer the question
'what ioctls are valid' 'what type of thing am I bashing on'

Just issuing ioctls doesnt help as we have overlaps 8( Also we dont want to
get into the DOS like execute 135 queries to figure out what it is by
deep magic patterns.

One suggestion is to do something like
if(MAJOR_HAS(st, named-property))

which solves that and also nicely fixes an extant problem in that there isnt
a good way to break down heirarchies of ioctl features right now. That is
one thing devfs namespaces can be abused to solve but isnt really the right
use of it.

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