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SubjectLANANA: To Pending Device Number Registrants
First of all, I apologize for not having sent this notice out sooner. 
This kind of writing is very painful to deal with.

Linus Torvalds has requested a moratorium on new device number
assignments. His hope is that a new and better method for device space
handing will emerge as a result.

Alan Cox has requested that I maintain a forked registry for his -ac
kernel patch tree. I have agreed to do so once I have forked off the
"final" version of the registry for Linus' tree. At that time I will
process the backlog for the benefit of the -ac registry only. Please
have patience until I can get that to happen.

Please note that this is not my decision (in fact, I have serious
concerns with it.) In particular, /dev namespace coordination still


H. Peter Anvin
The Linux Assigned Names and Numbers Authority
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