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SubjectRe: latest-ac9 compile error (gcc3)
On 14 May 01 at 20:38, mirabilos wrote:

> I have removed the "inline" in rwsem.h as suggested, and now
> can't compile -ac9 with the following error (seems to be a
> problem in the part that loads the compressed image):

> misc.o(.text.lock+0xa): undefined reference to `rwsem_wake'

You cannot remove inline from there. For some unknown reason even
if you'll mark it as 'static', gcc3 will still emit this code into object
file. You have to change constraint from "+d" to "+r" (with
changing %edx => %0 and adding push %edx around call to rwsemwake), or
just rewrite it in the way __up_write operates (movl %2,%%edx, add
"edx" into clobbered and %2 as value assigned to tmp, patch sent last week).

> Compiler: gcc3-snapshot 14.5.2001

Pre-26th snapshots have some fatal bug in optimizing
if (x) a = 123; else a = 456; :-( Look back through linux-kernel archive.
Petr Vandrovec

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