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SubjectRe: LVM 1.0 release decision
Date said:
> Andrea Arcangeli writes:
> > Related side note: for the x86-64 kernel we won't support the emulation
> > of the lvm ioctl from the 32bit executables to avoid the pointer
> > conversion an mainteinance pain enterely, at least in the early stage
> > the x86-64 lvmtools will have to be compiled elf64.

> I think that's a bad decision, but it is your's.

> To me, either you support fully the 32-bit execution environment or
> you do not. After all the work that myself and others have done for
> other platforms, there really is no need to cut corners in this area.

IMHO, no 64-bit architecture code should provide translation functions for
ioctls from 32-bit binaries.

This is now a sufficiently common requirement that it shouldn't be repeated
by all architectures that require it - it should be somewhere common.
Like linux/abi/ioctl32/


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