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SubjectRe: Linux support for Microsoft dynamic disks?
On Sunday 13 May 2001 03:15 pm, mirabilos wrote:

> ................
> I had (on a 2G disk) a NTFS, a FAT and some Linux partitions. It even
> refused
> to convert to dynamic disk. When it finally did, my Linux partitions
> vanished.
> You need this support to even be able to use linux on that disk... btw
> .........................

It is actiually possible to have both Linux and Windows 2000/Windows XP with
dynamic disk on the same hard drive for now.

The thing is you have first to install Windows XP, leaving required space
for the Linux install, and convert the drive to dynamic disk.
When it is sucessfully converted you can reboot from linux floppy and "resize"
the last partition on the disk to the place where the free space actually
Now it's possible to create some partitions here to install Linux.
The point is Windows still thinks there is an unpartioned space there,
where you just put your Linux distro :)

But thats not the option anyway,
and recognising dynamic disks would be a much better solution :).


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