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SubjectRe: [PATCH] drivers/telephony/phonedev.c (brings this code up to date with Quicknet CVS)
Alrighty.  That eliminates the patch.  I'll rewrite the ixj.c according 
to this. ixj.c will be a large patch due to the numerous revisions, I
don't know how well it can be broken up into small pieces. Do you want
small pieces still? The ChangeLog shows all the fixes for the
revisions. There have been 68 revisions since the version listed in the
kernel's tree.


Alan Cox wrote:

>>phonedev.diff is against 2.4.4 and brings the file phonedev.c up to date
>>with respect to the Quicknet CVS. Changes are very minor, mostly #if
>>LINUX_VERSION_CODE matching and structure updates. Small off by one
>>fixes and file operation semantics updates.
>I intentionally dont keep back compat glue in the mainstream kernel
>>@@ -101,20 +134,25 @@
>> if (unit != PHONE_UNIT_ANY) {
>> base = unit;
>>- end = unit + 1; /* enter the loop at least one time */
>>+ end = unit;
>This unfixes a bug too.
>All rejected

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