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Subject[PATCH] NFS Server performance and 8139too

Since 2.2.19 I have a very poor NFS server performance on Linux
using 8139too driver (v0.9.14) while the driver v0.9.10 from 2.2.18
works fine (even with 2.2.19)

I have checked 2.2.20pre2 and 8139too project pages and found no patches
for the problem. Am I alone with that bad NFS performance here?

My setup:

PII-500, 196M, Linux 2.2.19. rh6.2, 8139too,
serves as NFS server and client for SCO OpenServer and file server and
for macintosh

the following command on SCO:

sco# cat /mnt/linux/one-megabyte-file > /dev/null

takes about 30 minutes with 2.2.19 kernel and about 0.3 secs on 2.2.18.
(I have never made the real benchmarks, numbers are just to show the

The following one line patch puts performance of 2.2.19 back to
2.2.18 for me and I use it for a week without any problems.

Beware that I am not a kernel hacker so the patch can be completely
wrong. But I hope it still can provide some useful information to
somebody who really knows what is going on here :)

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