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Subjectmake menuconfig versus make xconfig, Kernel 2.4
I made an update from Kernel 2.2.19 to 2.4.4, and I made
a copy from the 2.2.19 .config file into the 2.4.4 directory.

After that, I was wondering about the following fact:

"make menuconfig" for kernel 2.4.4 showed (what seems to
be correct) for ATA/IDE the same kernel configuration, as it
was shown in 2.2.19, when using the 2.2.19 ".config".

But: 2.4.4 "make xconfig" using the 2.2.19 .config showed
a disabled ATA/IDE configuration.

Only after saving the 2.4.4 configuration produced by "make menuconfig",
then the configuration for ATA/IDE was correctly displayed by "make xconfig".


Joachim Backes


Joachim Backes <> | Univ. of Kaiserslautern
Computer Center, High Performance Computing | Phone: +49-631-205-2438
D-67653 Kaiserslautern, PO Box 3049, Germany | Fax: +49-631-205-3056

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