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SubjectPROBLEM: 2.4.4ac7 oops, locks in init on boot
The ongoing saga of newer via chipsets and AMD CPU's.
Please CC replies as I'm I read here via nntp.

Please see my previous PROBLEM reports for hardware info.

I compiled and boot 2.4.4ac7, got as far as init. Multiple oops's
scrolled off the screen before I could see them. Attached is the final
oops, but I have a feeling this is useless. You'll find my config and my
attempts to run this oops through ksymoops at various -d levels.
Ksymoops never returns from fnmatch or re_match_2, I had to ^C to get a
prompt back. I would guess that has to do with eip: 00000000 ... Code:
Bad EIP value!


If anyone has any further suggestions/patches to run 2.4.x with K7
chosen optimizations, I'm open to testing.

Gordon Sadler

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