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SubjectRe: Athlon possible fixes
Christian Bornträger wrote:
> Can you try and mail me if the Kernel 2.4.3 (without any ac patch) is
> stable with your system even if you use autotune? "Downgrade" to this
> kernel works fine for me.

Ahmm, 2.4.3 doesn't work. Gives some IDE DMA timeouts on boot. Kernel was
compiled with Pentium-MMX processor setting, but I don't know if that's
enough to disable the Athlon code parts (autodetected at runtime?).

So only working kernel (without noautotune) on that A7V133 machine is
RedHat's 2.4.2-2 shipped with RedHat 7.1... But that's not good either
because the system has large reiserfs volume and 2.4.2-2 has some reiserfs

I really start hating IDE/ATA stuff again.

- Jussi Laako

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