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SubjectRe: Latest on Athlon Via KT133A chipset solution?
Just tested the -ac7 with K7 optimizations on.  I see the same behavior of
oopsing right after boot:

Freeing unused kernel memory: 216k freed
Unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference at virtual address

Just fine when I go back down to k6-3, et al, optimizations.

Tyan S2380B VIA KT133A, amd 1.33ghz, regular stepping, no OC or anything.

If you want more info, lemme know.

Also had some USB weirdness, but I'm going to debug that a bit before I
report on it.


Christian Bornträger enlightened recipients with the following on 11May2001:
> > Give the current -ac a spin and tell me if it works/doesnt and if not how
> > it fails
> I will test it on Sunday evening, when I get back access to my Athlon.
> Again I am not sure if I had the same problem related to the
> compiler-optimizations. My problems (system freeze) started with 2.4.3-ac7.
> So the problem might related to the VIA-bug-workaround.
> Is there a possibility to get debugging messages or register dumps without a
> second PC? Or is there a possibility to an unbuffered log write? e.g. write
> kernel logs to a floppy disc unbuffered. Otherwise I am not sure, if I am
> able to help you finding the problem.
> Unfortunately I have only a VIA-based Athlon system and not a S/390

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