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SubjectRe: reiserfs, xfs, ext2, ext3
> Are you referring to Neil Brown's nfs operations patch as being as ugly as
> hell, or something else? Just want to understand what you are saying before
> arguing.....

Andi has sent me some stuff to look at. He listed four implementations and I've
only seen two of them

> NFS is ugly as hell, and we just try to conform to whatever is the latest trend
> expected to be accepted since I really don't care so long as it works and
> doesn't uglify ReiserFS more than necessary. If you have another approach, one
> that is less ugly, please let us know. This is the first I have heard someone

Oh believe me we agree in great detail where the -problem- is. Unfortunately
the spec is kind of stuck. Its finding a minimally invasive solution for 2.4
pending fixing it properly in 2.5


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