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SubjectDeadlock/crash with Quad tulip card in 2.4
Hello. I'm having problem with Quad eth100 tulip (digital 21140) cards.

The machine was acting as a bridge with kernel 2.2 very reliably.

Now, when I boot 2.4.4-ac6, the machine hangs - no oops, nothing. Just

even CTRL-Scroll lock does nothing.

I supected a bridge problem (I know 2.2 & 2.4 bridge are different) But
it's not the case as I reproduce the bug on another machine (with
another motherboard. kernel 2.4.4-ac6 where the bridge is not

single boot is OK,

ifconfig eth0 up is ok (MII negotiation is OK)
ifconfig eth1 up crash the machine -

on another boot i tried this :

ifconfig eth0 up
ifconfig eth0 down

ifconfig eth1 up is OK
ifconfig eth1 down ... etc etc

This works as long as only one interface is up.

If only 1 interface is up, the machine works reliably.

just putting 2 interfaces up hang the machine.

Can this be an IRQ sharing / bridge problem ??? (all interface shares
the same IRQ and are after a bridge)

I don't know if this is ac-series specific. I'll try tomorrow.

Any Idea how I can test further ? Without oops it's not easy...

Yann Dupont.

\|/ ____ \|/ Fac. des sciences de Nantes-Linux-Python-IPv6-ATM-BONOM....
"@'/ ,. \@" Tel :(+33) [0]251125865(AM)[0]251125857(PM)[0]251125868(Fax)
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