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SubjectRe: USB broken in 2.4.4? Serial Ricochet works, USB performance sucks.
Damn bad luck.  I love my ricochet, but have Metricom as the provider.
I've used it in the bay area, LA and OC area, Boulder, and NYC.

It was a snap to setup with the acm module, and I get almost full
115kbit throughput.

On Wed, May 09, 2001 at 05:52:04PM -0700, wrote:
> I recently got a ricochet 128k GS wireless modem and I am running it with
> kernel 2.4.4 and ppp 2.4.1.
> Using the USB connection (configured to operatate at 460kbit) I get up to
> 2kbyte per second. With serial(at 115kbit) this goes up to 8kbyte per
> second.
> Why is this?
> (Note to all prospective Ricochet/Earthlink buyers: Beware. It takes 10-20
> successful connects before you can establish a connection that lets data
> through. Tested on multiple OSe and my ricochet repeater is across the
> street on a lamp).

Drew Bertola | Send a text message to my pager or cell ...

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