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SubjectRe: Linux Cluster using shared scsi
Doug Ledford writes:
(James Bottomley commented about the need for SCSI reservation kernel patches)
> I agree. It's something that needs fixed in general, your software needs it
> as well, and I've written (about 80% done at this point) some open source
> software geared towards getting/holding reservations that also requires the
> same kernel patches (plus one more to be fully functional, an ioctl to allow a
> SCSI reservation to do a forced reboot of a machine). I'll be releasing that
> package in the short term (once I get back from my vacation anyway).

Hello Doug,

Does this package also tell the kernel to "re-establish" a
reservation for all devices after a bus reset, or at least inform a
user level program? Finding out when there has been a bus reset has
been a stumbling block for me.

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