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SubjectRe: [kbuild-devel] [PATCH] automatic multi-part link rules (fwd)

[Kai Germaschewski]
> However, I don't think it's hard to verify that my patch works as
> well, it's about ten lines added to Rules.make. It's particularly
> easy to verify that it doesn't change behavior for objects listed in
> $(list-multi) at all.

Yes, we can say this, but people are right to be paranoid. Remember
that the first version of your patch (several months ago) required a
particular version of GNU Make....

I submitted a cleanup patch for 2.2.18pre that was 100% safe in that it
just made use of a script that was already in the tree
(scripts/kwhich). But sure enough, it broke for users of older Red Hat
installations who were still on bash 1.x. It seems scripts/kwhich
hadn't been used that way before, so nobody had noticed that it didn't
work with bash 1.

That said, I think your current version is in fact bug-free and if it
were up to me I would put it in the tree. But I also understand why
others are hesitant to trust it. The bugs it fixes are fairly minor,
after all.

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