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SubjectRe: isa_read/write not available on ppc - solution suggestions ??
> wrote:
>> To get the pcmcia ibmtr driver (ibmtr/ibmtr_cs) working on ppc, all the
>> isa_read/write's have to be changed to regular read/write due to the
>> of the isa_read/write functions for ppc.

> Treat it like a PCI device and use ioremap(). Then change isa_readl()
> to readl() etc.

Bleurgh, the latest version of the driver (not in the kernel yet) searches
for turbo based cards by checking the isa address space from 0xc0000 -
0xe0000 in 8k chunks. So we'd have to ioremap each 8k section, check it,
find out the adapter isn't there and then iounmap it.

Oh well, if that's what it takes =:0


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