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SubjectRe: deregister?
> >>Not to mention in various comments and documentation.  Deregister,
> >>according to (and many other dictionaries), is not a
> >>Is there some sort of historical significance to this being used, in
> >>place of "unregister"?

> At 10:03 PM -0400 2001-04-29, Andres Salomon wrote:
> >Americans can spell? Since when?
> OED 2nd Ed:
> deregister. v. trans. To remove from a register. Hence
> deregistration. (first citation 1925)
> unregistered. ppl. a. Not entered in a register; unrecorded. (first
> citation 1604)
> The OED has no entry for "unregister".

My DCE here has no opposite word, just register, but because
register comes from Latin registrare, and due to the DCE's
explanation of how to build opposite words, I'd rather
prefer deregister over disregister over unregister.

A message of love and openness: translate linux into Latin!

It has strict grammar, no such problems, and a single
person on top - the pope, actually. We could replace
his function by Linus ;-) or Alan... dunno


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