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Subjectisa_read/write not available on ppc - solution suggestions ??
To get the pcmcia ibmtr driver (ibmtr/ibmtr_cs) working on ppc, all the 
isa_read/write's have to be changed to regular read/write due to the lack
of the isa_read/write functions for ppc.

So, the question is should I simply:

a) change everything to read/write and friends (the way the driver used to
be before the isa_read/write function were introduced)
b) Put ugly macros in the driver to use the different functions depending
upon architecture.
c) Implement the isa_read/write functions for ppc ?
or d) something completely different I haven't thought of.

Remember, this driver must support isa, pcmcia, mca, ix86 and now ppc.

Personally I'd rather not have arch dependent macros in the driver, but I
know there is a good reason why the isa_read/write functions were
introduced in the first place.

Suggestions ?

Linux Token Ring Project
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