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SubjectRe: More!! Kernel NULL pointer, over my head... (DOH!)
Erin Jones wrote:
> are you sure this works:
> gzip -d ; tar xvf myFile.tar.gz?????
> shouldn't it be
> gzip -cd myFile.tar.gz | tar xvf -

I think I have proven myself unworth of your help by producing the
above, obvious to everyone, else cockup. As unworthy as I am, here I go

As suggested by Phil on Bristol LUG I've fsck'd my filesystems. Got
something interesting in the process though. Booted using some
Slackware 7.1 (2.2.16) disks to fsck / and got similar errors to those
already described :( Yet the system came up... As there wasn't any
swap configured I can pretty much rule that out, and I had not attempted
to mount any file systems... These are the same disks I used to carry
out the inital install and I did't get problems then... I am starting
to think Hardware but have been told that a copy of ksymoops might shed
some more light...

Thanks again.


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