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SubjectSMP races in proc with thread_struct
Perhaps this is old news...but...

I can easily create a race when reading /proc/<pid>/stat
(fs/proc/{base.c,array.c}) where a rapidly reading application, such as
"top", starts reading stats for a thread which goes away during the
read. This is easily reproduced with a program that rapidly forks and
exits while top is running.

On inspection, I don't see how the code can expect the thread_struct to
stay around since it is not holding any lock for the duration of its
use. The code could hold the thread_struct's lock (after verifying it
still exists while holding tasklist_lock I would imagine), but for
performance I would think a better solution would be to copy the struct
since stale data is probably ok in this case.

Dereferencing a non-existent thread_struct is clearly not ok.

Would anyone familiar with this code care to comment?
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