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SubjectRe: Linux Cluster using shared scsi
From said:
> So, will Linux ever support the scsi reservation mechanism as standard?

That's not within my gift. I can merely write the code that corrects the
behaviour. I can't force anyone else to accept it. said:
> Isn't there a standard that says if you scsi reserve a disk, no one
> else should be able to access this disk, or is this a "steeleye/
> Compaq" standard.

Use of reservations is laid out in the SCSI-2 and SCSI-3 standards (which can
be downloaded from the T10 site which are international in scope.
I think the implementation issues come because the reservations part is
really only relevant to a multi-initiator clustered environment which isn't an
every day configuration for most Linux users. Obviously, as Linux moves into
the SAN arena this type of configuration will become a lot more common, at
which time the various problems associated with multiple initiators should
rise in prominence.


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