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Subject2.4.3-ac9/4 - NFS corruption
My NFS client runs 2.4.3-ac4 (SMP).
My NFS server uses user-land NFS and runs 2.4.3-ac9 (UP).

I've seens the following in my ~/mail/inbox, NFS mounted:

^@^@^@^@^@^ Tue May 1 14:47:02 2001

On the server, the same line reads:

From Tue May 1 14:47:02 2001

The above "^@" are NULL bytes, as displayed by "vi".
The data around those NULL bytes were perfect, i.e. there was text before
in the mailbox that was correct.

An "ls -l" on the file yields:

-rw------- 1 ram users 1642491 May 1 00:00 inbox

(on the server, and via NFS), which is *abnormal*, since it's 15:18 and
I've just updated the file. Therfore, the timestamp is corrupted as well
in the inode.

If I create a file, via "> ~/mail/test" on NFS, it reads:

-rw-r--r-- 1 ram users 0 May 1 15:19 test

with a proper timestamp.

The NFS access is done via a symlink to an NFS-mounted dir, i.e. ~/mail
is actually a symlink to /nfs/lyon/home/ram/mail.

Any hint as to what is happening? Is that a known problem?

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