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SubjectRe: IP Acounting Idea for 2.5
On Fri, Apr 20, 2001 at 02:51:55AM +0000, Ton Hospel wrote:
> Resettable counters are evil.

Perhaps "evil" should be reserved to describe counters which automatically
reset as a side effect of being read.

> I really think cisco got this right: from the commandline interface
> you can reset counters, and watch them, the SNMP counters however just
> keep going and going and going independently from this.

Except for the IP accounting table? The 'checkpoint' operation copies and
*clears* the table ...

I don't really need snapshots, just hazard-free reads. It's quite
easy to work out deltas in userspace, but I'd hate for things to be
unnecessarily painful for multiple readers.

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