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SubjectRe: DHCP comiling issues under sparc linux

Leif Sawyer writes:
> Below is the end of a thread between myself and Ted Lemon
> regarding building DHCP under Sparc Linux.
> I'm not well versed in parsing the kernel code to know
> what the subtle differences in the different implementations
> of this IOCtl, and am looking for some guidance from the
> appropriate maintainers.
> Please read below for the summary. I'll be happy to fill
> in the blanks off-list.

It is a bug if it behaves differently, without question.

Can you give a trace of a bad case? The code looks fine to
me, but if I am shown a specific trace I may be able to see
the bug.

Please, this is an issue I have with many bug reports. The
text of the report uses a lot of non-specific wording, "SIOCGIFCONF
with NULL arg gives different results on sparc64 than i386" That
is great and gives me the gist of the problem, but without a specific
trace of arguments and results and a description of what is
specifically expected in this traced case compared to what actually
happened, I do a lot of guessing to work on a fix.

David S. Miller
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