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SubjectRe: * Re: Severe trashing in 2.4.4
Can't say for a definite fact that it was reiserfs but I can say for a 
definite fact that something fishy happens sometimes.

If I have a text file open, something.html comes to mind, If I edit it
and save it in one rxvt and open it in another rxvt, my changes may not
be there. If I save it *again* or exit the editing process, I will see
the changes in the second term. No, I'm not accidently forgetting to
save it, I know for a fact that I saved it and the first terminal shows
the non-modified state with the changes and the second term shows the
previous data.

Somewhere something is stuck in cache and what's on disk isn't what's in
cache and a second process for some reason gets what is on disk and not
what is in cache.

It happens infrequently but it -does- happen.


Frank de Lange wrote:

>When a puzzled Alexey wondered whether the problems I was seeing with 2.4.4
>might be related to a failure to execute 'make clean' before compiling the
>kernel, I replied in the negative as I *always* clean up before compiling
>anything. Yet, for the sake of science and such I moved the kernel tree and
>started from scratch.
>The problems I was seeing are no more, 2.4.4 behaves like a good kernel should.
>Was it me? Was it reiserfs? Was is divine intervention? I will probably never
>find out, but for now this thread, and the accompanying scare, can Resquiam In

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