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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Dead keys
* At 2001-05-01T21:20+0200, wrote:
| I think the main reason why it shouldn't be applied is that it changes
| something. This keyboard stuff is unbelievably complicated. Many people
| and distributions have wrestled with it and have got it working for them.
| When you change stuff, you force people to start worrying about this again.
| [In other words, a global rewrite may be allowed, but non-compatible changes
| in a few details only is really a bad idea.]

Won't comment on this argument, it might outweigh my point (but that's
not for me to say).

| But there are other reasons why your patch is a bad idea. Everybody has
| a double quote in his keymap, so using that to create umlauts is easy.
| Only few people have a diaeresis in their keymap, so requiring a diaeresis
| makes life more difficult for most people.

It doesn't require anyone to use the ISO characters. The
still contains compose rules for the ASCII sequences.

| (In other words, composing ASCII to make ISO 8859-1 is better than composing
| ISO 8859-1 to make ISO 8859-1.)

This is just a matter of adding compose rules. The issue here is that
the dead keys themselves are producing the wrong characters.

| Finally, you have loadkeys. If you change your private keymap
| you achieve what you desire for yourself without disturbing others.

No, this doesn't seem to be the case, unless I've missed something
important. Because the dead_* are wrong, and I can't change them with a
keymap, afaik? If I'm wrong, shoot me, then the patch is pointless.

Stian Sletner
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