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SubjectRe: [PATCH] adding PCI bus information to SCSI layer
> I'm wary of this, because Linus has stated that the current "struct
> pci_dev" is really meant to be a generic thing, and it might change to
> "struct dev" (now that we've renamed the old "struct dev" to "struct
> netdev").

It is already being (ab)used this way. Its an isa pnp device in 2.4.*. Its
also a bios pnp device in 2.4-ac

> However, it's my understanding that Linus isn't trying to push
> existing drivers, which work well with devfs, into implementing their
> own FS. He just wants the option left open for new drivers where a
> driver-specific FS makes more sense.

Having thought over the issues I plan to maintain a 32bit dev_t kernel with
conventional mknod behaviour, even if Linus won't. One very interesting item
that Peter Anvin noted is that its not clear in POSIX that

mknod /dev/ttyF00 c 100 100


is illegal. That may be a nice way to get much of the desired behaviour without
totally breaking compatibility

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