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SubjectRe: [QUESTIONS] Transision from pcmcia-cs to 2.4 built-in PCMCIA
Date said:
> First, why have I stopped needing cs and cb_enabler?

cs is built into pcmcia_core.o, cb_enabler should still be there though.
It's feasible that you only need cb_enabler for the old CardBus drivers,
though - I'm not sure.

> Second, why is yenta_socket only compiled if I enable CardBus support
> in the kernel? I'm running an Orinoco card on another machine, and
> since I don't think it's CardBus (am I wrong?), I didn't enable CB in
> the kernel. The i82365 driver is the only one compiled, but it seems
> to work fine on that machine. Should I enable CardBus support and use
> yenta_socket instead?

yenta_socket is the driver for CardBus i82365-compatible sockets.
i82365 no longer drives CardBus sockets, only PCMCIA.

> Third, on the first machine with both cards, neither card works if I
> use i82365 instead of yenta_socket, why? The Orinoco gets Tx timeouts
> on every packet, and inserting the 3c595 causes the controller
> (socket) to time out waiting for reset and it doesn't recognize the
> 3c595.

The PCMCIA card ought to work. It's probably screwed up the IRQ routing -
it no longer knows about some of the differences between CardBus and PCMCIA
bridges. What exactly is the bridge in this machine?


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