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SubjectAsus CUR-DLS SMP motherboard

I'm wondering if anyone has used this motherboard and can confirm if it
works under 2.4.3 or not. Having been burned by the Via-based CUV4X-D not
working under Linux, I'm keen to find out if this ServerWorks-based board
works or not, before throwing away my money.

Asus CUR-DLS, ATX, ServerWorks ServerSet III LE, FC-PGA,LAN/SCSI/VGA
CPU: FCPGA PIII 500-866+MHz/SMP (Symmetical Multi-Processor) dual
processors, Socket 370, Chipset: ServerWorks (RCC) ServerSet III LE, Slots:
2 x PCI-64bit/66MHz, 5 x PCI-32bit/33MHz , 1 x ASMS socket (reserved for
IPMI/EMP), 4x DIMM. Formfactor: ATX, 66/100/133MHz FSB, DMA-33, PC133 memory
support (supports Registered DIMM only, ECC based 64MB to 1GB memory
capacity). Built in Intel 82559 LAN, LSI dual channel Ultra160 SCSI
controller, ATI Rage-XL graphics with 4MB PC100 SDRAM

Any anecdotes?

Alternatively, is anyone working on a patch for the Via 694XDP problems?

Thanks in advance,

Simon Garner

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