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SubjectRe: goodbye
On Sun, Apr 08, 2001 at 02:22:49PM +0100, David Woodhouse wrote:
> > ORBS ... well, they called one of my old ISPs' mail an open relay when
> > it wasn't and took 3 months to decide to rectify the situation and
> > remove us from their list. That doesn't instill much confidence.
> I've heard that accusation many times, and on investigation, on the
> occasions I could be bothered, it's _always_ turned out to be false -
> generally caused by cluelessness on the part of the reporter.
> It's very easy for ISPs to get landed in ORBS by customers who use the
> outgoing relay for spam which they've wrongly accepted. The ISP's mail
> relay doesn't have to accept the mail from the outside world and blatantly
> forward it.

Ah, then every ISP in the world belongs on the ORBS list since they all
will indiscriminantly forward their users' mail to other people. Of
course if someone uses them to deliver spam they usually don't get to keep
their account long, but it's our own fault for using a relay which has
been used to send spam right?

Let's see, ORBS takes out the ISP route, DUL takes out the direct one. Is
it any wonder people are hostile toward those two lists?

Joseph Carter <> Free software developer

<taniwha> i'd solve a windows key problem with fdisk :)

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