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SubjectRe: goodbye
john slee wrote:
> On Sat, Apr 07, 2001 at 07:07:20PM -0700, Colonel wrote:
> > Some ISPs rely on crap software & OS to process email, and have other
> so you don't use those ISPs

Out here I have choice between

dialup (lots to chose from): $200/month(*), not always online.

cable (one company): $25/month, always online, lowsy performance.

ADSL (one company): $50/month, always online, starting january 2001,
delayed without notice: Not yet available.

My only real option is "cable". So that's what I have. These guys
manage to configure every thing badly. So when their mailserver is
unable to get any outside connections, the mail gets queued without
notice on their server, and I won't hear about it.

To me this is unacceptable, so I have to run my own mailserver. This
is not that bad, as I can be always online. (not being always online
means that Email may sit in the queue quite long if for example I'm
online 10% of the time, and a certain mailserver is online only 10% of
the time. I'd have a 1% chance of getting an Email through to this
server, but being always online increases the chances to 10%).


(*) Adding in some telephone charges.

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