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SubjectRe: goodbye
How about creating an additional ML,
the new ML (say LKML-DUL) is used to send mails from DUL to LKML, but
such mails are not sent to LMKL.

If you join to both ML, you get all mails as before. And if you join
to LKML only, you can reject mails from DUL. Of course you can join
to LKML-DUL only if you have strange curiosity.

Reply address from LMKL-DUL should be carefully considered not to
isolate useful discussion started from a DUL mail.

Using these two ML, you have a right for selection, not by given LKML
management policy.

Matti Aarnio writes:
> Well, comparing how much spam goes thru linux-mm vs. linux-kernel,
> I would say our methods are fairly effective.
> The incentive behind the DUL is to force users not to post
> straight out to the world, but to use their ISP's servers
> for outbound email --- normal M$ users do that, after all.
> Only spammers - and UNIX powerusers - want to post directly
> to the world from dialups. And UNIX powerusers should know
> better, and be able to use ISP relay service anyway.

Computer Systems Laboratory, Fujitsu Labs.
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