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    SubjectRe: goodbye
    In list.kernel, you wrote:
    >On Tue, Apr 03, 2001 at 06:14:33PM -0700, Michael Peddemors wrote:
    >> I think that this is one list where we have to keep the ability to post
    >> from individuals separate from the need to make sure that their ISP or
    >> company is compliant to a set a of rules.. The LKML can't toe the
    >> strictest of lines, without loosing some possibly valuable
    >> contributors..
    > Well, comparing how much spam goes thru linux-mm vs. linux-kernel,
    > I would say our methods are fairly effective.

    A stupid measure, since you cannot determine what was rejected, i.e. how
    many babies you threw out with the bathwater.

    > The incentive behind the DUL is to force users not to post
    > straight out to the world, but to use their ISP's servers
    > for outbound email --- normal M$ users do that, after all.

    Some ISPs rely on crap software & OS to process email, and have other
    bad habits besides. Censorship usually does more bad than good
    (especially since dealing with 80% of the spam is trivial for
    procmail), as has been pointed out in this case. The stupidity of the
    this approach is well shown by the email-blacklist groups blacklisting
    each other, I would think that lkml had more brains.

    Controlling email is a power game, where you set yourself up as a tin
    god and proclaim that you alone know what is safe for the "dumb"
    masses to read. Perhaps the lkml sheep will abide by such control, but
    I would think that 'free software' would have 'free discussions'.

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