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SubjectRe: [PATCH for 2.5] preemptible kernel
In message <OF37B0793C.6B15F182-ON88256A27.0007C3EF@LocalDomain> you write:
> > Priority inversion is not handled in Linux kernel ATM BTW, there
> > are already situations where a realtime task can cause a deadlock
> > with some lower priority system thread (I believe there is at least
> > one case of this known with realtime ntpd on 2.4)
> I see your point here, but need to think about it. One question:
> isn't it the case that the alternative to using synchronize_kernel()
> is to protect the read side with explicit locks, which will themselves
> suppress preemption? If so, why not just suppress preemption on the read
> side in preemptible kernels, and thus gain the simpler implementation
> of synchronize_kernel()? You are not losing any preemption latency
> compared to a kernel that uses traditional locks, in fact, you should
> improve latency a bit since the lock operations are more expensive than
> are simple increments and decrements. As usual, what am I missing
> here? ;-)

Already preempted tasks.

> Another approach would be to define a "really low" priority that noone
> other than synchronize_kernel() was allowed to use. Then the UP
> implementation of synchronize_kernel() could drop its priority to
> this level, yield the CPU, and know that all preempted tasks must
> have obtained and voluntarily yielded the CPU before synchronize_kernel()
> gets it back again.

Or "never", because I'm running RC5 etc. 8(.

Premature optmztion is rt of all evl. --DK
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