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SubjectLet init know user wants to shutdown

Init should get to know that user pressed power button (so it can do
shutdown and poweroff). Plus, it is nice to let user know that we can
read such event. [I hunted bug for few hours, thinking that kernel
does not get the event at all].

Here's patch to do that. Please apply,

diff -urb -x .dep* -x .hdep* -x *.[oas] -x *~ -x #* -x *CVS* -x *.orig -x *.rej -x *.old -x .menu* -x asm -x local.h -x -x autoconf.h -x compile.h -x version.h -x .version -x defkeymap.c -x uni_hash.tbl -x zImage -x vmlinu?* -x TAGS -x bootsect -x *RCS* -x conmakehash -x map -x build -x build -x configure -x *target* -x *.flags -x *.bak clean/drivers/acpi/events/evevent.c linux/drivers/acpi/events/evevent.c
--- clean/drivers/acpi/events/evevent.c Sun Apr 1 00:22:57 2001
+++ linux/drivers/acpi/events/evevent.c Wed Apr 4 01:08:11 2001
@@ -30,6 +30,8 @@
#include "acnamesp.h"
#include "accommon.h"

+#include <linux/signal.h>
MODULE_NAME ("evevent")

@@ -197,14 +172,18 @@
if ((status_register & ACPI_STATUS_POWER_BUTTON) &&
(enable_register & ACPI_ENABLE_POWER_BUTTON))
+ printk ("acpi: Power button pressed!\n");
+ kill_proc (1, SIGTERM, 1);
int_status |= acpi_ev_fixed_event_dispatch (ACPI_EVENT_POWER_BUTTON);

/* sleep button event */

if ((status_register & ACPI_STATUS_SLEEP_BUTTON) &&
(enable_register & ACPI_ENABLE_SLEEP_BUTTON))
+ printk("acpi: Sleep button pressed!\n");
int_status |= acpi_ev_fixed_event_dispatch (ACPI_EVENT_SLEEP_BUTTON);

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