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SubjectRe: Multi-function PCI devices
Brian Gerst wrote:
> Gérard Roudier wrote:
> > Given your description, this board is certainly not a multi-fonction PCI
> > device. Multi-function PCI devices provide separate resources for each
> > function in a way that allows each function to be driven by separate
> > software drivers. A single function PCI device that provides several
> > functionnalities commonly handled by separate sub-systems, is nothing but
> > a bag of shit we should not want to support in any O/S in my opinion.
> > Let me claim that ingenieers that want O/Ses to support such hardware are
> > either morons or bastards.
> Unfortunately, Windoze supports this configuration, and that's enough
> for most hardware designers. This is also an issue with the joystick
> ports on many PCI sound cards. We're not in a position to get up on the
> soap box and decree this hardware "a bag of shit" though, yet.
> PS. I have run into this issue before with joystick ports on many PCI
> sound cards. The only one that I found that did it right (seperate PCI
> function for the game port) was the SBLive.

We -can- support multifunction cards such and these, and no we don't
need to hack the infrastructure to do it. You might need to hack the
subsystem drivers a bit to make them more flexible, but that's it.

WRT the specific example of joystick ports, it is already possible for a
sound driver to register a joystick port. No problem there either.


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