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SubjectRe: linux 2.4.3 crashed my hard disk
On Fri, 6 Apr 2001, Ion Badulescu wrote:

> On Fri, 6 Apr 2001, Andre Hedrick wrote:
> > > You really ought to rename this parameter to pcibus. Even though it doesn't
> > > do justice to the VLB bus, the potential for user error is much smaller.
> >
> > Until today you had a vaild point!
> >
> > Promise Ultra100TX2 (20268 chipset).
> >
> > This is a 66MHz clocked Ultra100 Chipset release this week.
> Ok... but how does this invalidate my point? The 66MHz still applies to
> the PCI bus, so pcibus is ok for the parameter name, no?

Because this card is designed to run in a 66MHz pcibus or standard 33MHz
pcibus, but the idebus/bridge is clocked at double pump or 1:1 depending
on the busses 64-bit/66MHz, 64-bit/33MHz, or 32-bit/33MHz

This is were it gets I do not have an answer that I valid
at this point, however I do know that 66MHz clocking is about to become


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