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SubjectRe: Arch specific/multiple files?
"Giacomo Catenazzi wrote:"
> Johan Adolfsson wrote:
> >
> > Having the help close to the config sounds like a good idea
> > from a maintenance point of view.
> But in 2.5.x the are centralized, thus also
> sould be centralized.
> And in this case I think that a big file hurts nobody.

What about common config options (like CONFIG_PCI, CONFIG_BINFMT_ELF,
CONFIG_SMP, CONFIG_SERIAL), which have entries wtitten in
PC-centric style?

What is info about ISA/EISA bus for sparc users for? Why no info about SBUS
What is COM3 for Amiga user?
How can alpha user compile kernel for Pentium?
What is the difference between ELF and A.OUT for architectures that do not
support a.out at all?

IMO some, even very standard, options may need different explanations for
different architectures.

Maybe some kind of architecture-specyfic #include in entries?

Just my 0.03 PLZ

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