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SubjectRe: Arch specific/multiple files? wrote:
> I went ahead and implemented the change last night anyway and I
> will submit the patches and see if it will be accepted or not.
> The idea is that it first check in arch/$ARCH/
> and if the file or the help is not found there,
> check Documentation/
> I believe there is an advantage from a maintenance point of view.
> It least for our CRIS architecture, I don't think it's any benefit to
> "bloat" the Documentation/ with a lot of
> CONFIG_ETRAX entries for the various hardware inerfaces
> when the help and config can be kept locally.

This was already discussed on kbuild list.
It is better to have only 1 This help
translation of
the file and help busy developers. They should not rewrite
in every

If you should provide a special help on a specific ARCH you
modify the symbols:
instead of
: bool 'std IPC support' CONFIG_IPC
you can do:
: bool 'arch specific IPC help' CONFIG_IPC_STRANGE_ARCH

ESR CML2 have the defualt path for build in
the rules files, but it can be overriden by command options
to use an other (the format do not change).

It is also designed so that a distribution can include
a translation of (But we don't expect
to include translation in std linux kernel)

> BTW: I added this to scripts/Configure and scripts/Menuconfig
> but I know to little tcl/tk to get it to work for the xconfig case.
> The variable $ARCH was not found and I don't know how to make
> it get it from the environment variables.

$ARCH is set on the top of the main Makefile. You can copy
the small shell script from here.


> /Johan
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