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SubjectRe: asm/unistd.h

Steve Grubb writes:
> It would seem to me that after hearing how the macros are used in practice,
> wouldn't turning them into inline functions be an improvement? This is
> something gcc supports, it accomplishes the same thing, and has the added
> advantage of type checking.

Two reasons:

1) Sometimes I don't want any type checking because it would create
the necessity of adding a new include to a file --> a circular
dependency to resolve. Macros hide the types except in the
cases where they are actually invoked :-)

2) Historically GCC was very bad with code generation with inline
functions, so at that time the GCC manual statement "inline
functions are just like a macro" was technically false :-)

Yes, I know this is much different in today's gcc tree, but
there hasn't been a gcc release in over 2 years so...

David S. Miller
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